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Wee Heavy Chinook Edition

Wee Heavy Chinook Edition 14 April 2016

A couple of months ago we had a special guest w our good friend Kjetil, Jikiun from  Σολο Brewery.
Obviously,we desided to create a collaboration.  Our friends: Max (Green Street Brewery) and Volodya (Clique Brewery) helped us . We brewed the Wee Heavy with peat malt, honey, heather and juniper and split the wort into three parts. One part was additionally hopped with chinook, in  the second part we put Bourbon  aged oak chips, and the third part we added whisky aged oak sawdust from the Isle of Islay. The first part of beer , we decided to try already, and the second and third will be presented later, most likely at the Big Craft Day 2016.

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