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Triomphe 30 May 2014

Today in the pubs we present our new beer :dark ale "arc de Triomphe".
The idea is to try to cook this beer fell unexpectedly. First was the smell of the cut in the early spring of Apple twigs. The smell recalled the flavor of Calvados. Then build a logical chain: the Apple branch-Calvados-Remarque-arc de Triomphe-beer. No, the beer came later ).
I thought that it should be dark, dense and warming.
Then everything happened in the following scenario. First brewed dark ale (current density of about 20 %), during cooking the wort added Apple juice and then put to Zobrazovat. Simultaneously with this process Apple branches were purified from the bark, drank in wedges, put in three-liter cans of Apple juice and poured the Calvados. Here began a period of anxious waiting and periodic tastings of liqueurs Calvados. But at the same time for decoration of beer came from our friend, the wonderful artist Sergey Pronin. It seems to me that he is almost without words understands our desires and immediately implements them. He proposed to develop the theme of relations Remarque and Marlene Dietrich in my picture. Big thanks to him for creativity.
Finally we combine the two wonderful drink : beer and Calvados, present on Apple branches. It took a while , and now we can all work together to try what we have.

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