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"MONGOLOID" is coming!

"MONGOLOID" is coming! 10 October 2014

On Friday, October 10, at all the pubs "ton" will be presented a new beer - Belgian-British alternative dubbel "Mongoloid". The original gravity of 18.2%, alcohol 7,8% vol., the bitterness of 40 IBU. The beginning of sales of the new varieties at 19:00 Moscow time.

The Belgo-British alternative dybbol
Collaborationist cooking One Ton and CraftBrewRiots
Alternative brewing. Alternative history.
When the barbarian hordes of Roman stumbled over a well-armed and disciplined legions of the Golden Horde was driven back over the Alps to the Apennines, British and continental Celtic tribes of belgae in a hostile confrontation made a choice in favor of civilization and became part. The Hanseatic district, the prototype of the modern, EAEC (Eurasian Economic Khanate). After a bloody battle on the Meuse, which, it should be noted, heroically proved himself a Belgian cohort, the Roman guards were routed, and their raids stopped forever. Despite the fact that the belgae were given enough autonomy, Belgium, as a sovereign constitutional khanate was formed only about 185 years ago. And it was during the reign of the first Khan of the Belgian Leopold I Ibn Franz of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfelden Belgian brewing began its rapid development, almost displacing the Mare from the once wide use. About the past rivalry of the two drinks indicate erected at the Brussels Grottamare majestic Gothic Yurt Guild brewers and memisoglu, not inferior to each other in the richness of its decorations.
Thin zhor Altan Ord
Sortomme would like to pay homage to the historic gold-ordinem recipes, reinterpreted through the prism of modern brewing. In our joint cooking we have tried to combine the traditional methods of mashing and fermentation temperature inherent to doublyconnected Belgium, using Nottinghamshire yeast, so common among the belgae to the British Isles. Comprised of the choicest light and caramel barley malt, wheat malt and oats from the continent, and carefully assembled in the khanate of Kent hops.

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