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"Ich bin Altbier"

"Ich bin Altbier" 12 September 2014

On Friday , September 12 we presented to the public our new "old" beer - "Ich bin Altbier".
This is another version of the Altbier, which we made over two years ago. It differs and malt , hop and grain bill, and density , and the amount of alcohol. Basically, it's a completely different beer, as they say in explanation.
"ICH bin Altbier"
"Ich bin Altbier"
Altbier – beer is amber – copper color . Foam – thick , creamy, fine. Despite the final degree of fermentation , the beer stands out with a full malty taste.
Wonderful hops German Spalter ,Perle and Tettnanger form an interesting bitterness in the aftertaste, which is masked by the dense nutty body.
A distinctive feature of this style is fermented with the help of "riding" Elevich yeast and the secondary fermentation for a long time at low lager temperatures.
Altbier, which for many years brewed in Dusseldorf is a historic attraction for tourists and a source of pride for local residents, such as local Old town - Altstadt .
And of course , a special thank you to our friend - artist Sergey Pronin for his work on the logo of our beer.

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